• Scalable Cloud Consulting and Development

    ● Independent and competent Cloud consultation
    ● Development of transparent and demand-based solutions
    ● Future oriented concept to optimize existing infrastructure
    ● Weak point analysis
    ● Regular and proactive upkeep of your private cloud
    ● Preservation of operability and failure risk reduction
    ● Identification of performance bottlenecks and systems that are too old
    ● Reliable and competent customer care through our team of Cloud experts
    ● Analysis and planning through especially particularly qualified project manager and Cloud consultants
    ● Creation of customer friendly and scalable Cloud concepts
    ● Transparent through documentation and communication

    Experience and passion are key

    Our experienced team of Project Managers, System Architects and Developers ensures that your project in the Cloud will become a success. We work with you to determine the approach that makes the most sense for your project. We have the experience to see how various setups have preformed for organizations and can match a set of Cloud solutions for your businesses needs.

    When you work with LOXABE IT, you’re not just getting expert developers; you’re getting the expertise of a highly accessible and passionate multi-practice team. We work our hardest to generate excellent results. That's our promise to you.


    Your questions

    All companies need answers to sometimes complex questions about their Cloud exposure. How can we make it work for us? What sort of capability do we need? What about security issues?

    We listen to any specific needs you have. We also make sure we understand the industry you are in. Lastly we get a feel for how much involvement you want or not want in the Cloud system. With that we can find the suitable technologies for your own Cloud setup. We may perhaps go fully Public Cloud based or use a hybrid system of Private and Public Cloud. In the end we’ll come up with a solution that maximizes your Cloud capability for the budget you are comfortable with. We customize the solution for your business.


    We keep your Cloud exposure to date and ensure reliability

    As any other IT system, your own Cloud exposure is constantly subject to change. In order to control these processes, preventive maintenance is essential. This is the only way to realize maximum failure safety, reliability and persistance for your Cloud solutions. We offer different support options suited for every company size and sector - including your enterprise.


Smart People,

You and us.

Exciting Projects,


Excellent Results.

Our promise.

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